Welcome to Thoroughness School; a study center where children grows optimally to attain academic, spiritual, mental, physical and moral excellence.

Thoroughness School is an Islamic school established in 2015 to disseminate educational information to Islamic youngsters based on versed Islamic and modern curriculum and teachings. Its establishment is activated to fulfil the parent’s quest to ensure that their child acquire thorough pedagogical and Islamic knowledge.

At Thoroughness School, we inculcate in our pupils universal and cohesive order because we recognized the fact that education is an important channel through which Islamic teaching can be spread among peoples of diverse background, race and culture.

Our inclination and preference is to improve your child by introducing prevailing and innovative skills  that will enhance his/her development and to make him/her cognizance of his/her contemporary society; and more importantly to inculcate in child, knowledge to survive and successful in this life and in hereafter.

Welcome to Thoroughness School, a unique learning center for Muslim youngster to reach their peak potential.

Contact us to enrol your child.

School Anthem

Great Thoroughness

The school with vision!

Filled of achievers,

We are proud of you

An epitome of excellence

Purity and legacy

Allah is our foundation

Integrity is our watchword

Great Thoroughness

Great Thoroughness

We won’t forget you


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