• Our curriculum aims to nurture child in all dimension of his or her life – spiritual, moral, cognitive, imaginative, emotional, social and physical.
  • Our curriculum aims at encouraging mutual relationship between the child and the society and also harness the integration of children into the society.
  • Our curriculum aims at equipping children to share in the benefit of the society in which they live and to contribute effectively to their immediate environment sustenance and evolution.
  • It aims at reflecting the educational, cultural, social and economic aspirations and concern of Nigeria and the world at large.
  • It is dynamic as it takes cognizance of the changing nature of knowledge and society and cater for the needs of individual child in adjusting to the change.
  • More importantly, it aims at preparing child for further education and lifelong learning.
  • It aims at fostering teamwork and to allow each child to cooperate with each other to attain their educational goal.

School Anthem

Great Thoroughness

The school with vision!

Filled of achievers,

We are proud of you

An epitome of excellence

Purity and legacy

Allah is our foundation

Integrity is our watchword

Great Thoroughness

Great Thoroughness

We won’t forget you


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