As part of our curriculum process, adequate learning techniques had been put in place to ensure that child’s comprehension are intensified in every subject he/she does. To ensure this, the following implementation process were sought:

  • Each subjects are broken down into a number of module and steps in each modules are specified.
  • Learning target are specified in behavioural team.
  • Our teachers set teaching priorities based on learning target.
  • Pre-requisite knowledge of child are tested to determine teaching starting point.
  • Modelling approach are sometime deployed as observation shows that some child learn faster and better by imitating other people’s behaviour.
  • Deployment of discrimination learning to determine the level of child’s comprehension   on topics/subject. At an initial stage child may be asked to pick the right answer among other various wrong answer which appears to be obviously wrong. And to seal the knowledge subsequently, child may be asked to pick the right answer in options that seems very similar as the right answer.
  • Teacher teaches children on how to gather information from various sources such as teachers, parents, newspapers or the library which helps children to develop more objective and systematic way of dealing with problem.
  • Teachers used discussion approach to promote greater interaction among the children.

School Anthem

Great Thoroughness

The school with vision!

Filled of achievers,

We are proud of you

An epitome of excellence

Purity and legacy

Allah is our foundation

Integrity is our watchword

Great Thoroughness

Great Thoroughness

We won’t forget you


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