Our curriculum is designed to prepare your child to comprehend and conversant with his/her immediate society and world at large. It also prepare them to be mental alert and to become a purposeful learner. At Thoroughness School, our curriculum;

  • Celebrates the uniqueness of each child.
  • Ensures the development of child’s full potential
  • Stimulates the child’s sense of wonder and natural curiosity which serve as motivating factor in learning.
  • Ensures that children are active in learning.
  • Follows sequential process in developing youngster.
  • Integrates learning to facilitate children’s learning.
  • Includes guided activity and discovery method.
  • Fosters and facilitates transferring of skills and learning among children.
  • Takes into consideration range of individual differences.
  • Are planned with adequate necessary time to accomplish each task stated in the curriculum.

School Anthem

Great Thoroughness

The school with vision!

Filled of achievers,

We are proud of you

An epitome of excellence

Purity and legacy

Allah is our foundation

Integrity is our watchword

Great Thoroughness

Great Thoroughness

We won’t forget you


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